Kit Rees

Illustrator based in Belfast, UK


Children's Book Illustrations - Autistic Ollie


Comissioned by Jacob Drum in the summer of 2018, I completed a set of 20 illustrations for his book "Autistic Ollie". It can be purchased here.

View the images here or on Behance

Advice Booklet Illustrations - Bein' Yerself


In Spring 2018, I was commissioned by Ellen Murray to create illustrations for an advice booklet on going to school as a transgender person in Northern Ireland. View the images here or on Behance

RPG Rulebook Illustrations - Echelon


A project from Summer 2017 in which I created several illustrations for Rain Watt. These were done in a style specified by the author. Content warning for body horror and gore. View the images here or on Behance

Visual Novel - Passive/Aggressive


Passive/Aggressive is a personal project: a visual novel in development since 2015. I am in the process of writing, programming and drawing the final product. View environmental design here, previews here, and a design log here.