Kit Rees

Illustrator based in Belfast, UK @labradollars


About Kit

Hi! My name is Kit Rees, I'm a second-year Graphic Design and Illustration student at the Ulster University in Belfast. 

I grew up stationed at my laptop, and ever since first opening MS Paint, I've been using my digital literacy to get creative. I have worked for Knock Golf Club, Reimagine Remake Replay, The Belfast Trans Resource Centre, as well as clients ranging from the BBC to my friend's nan. My inspirations for illustration and design come from stories, which is why I particularly love drawing children's books, RPG rule guide books, zines, and comics.

My work branches into book illustration, logo design, merchandise design, zine writing, poster design and social media formatting. All of which you can commission from me too!

Feel free to peruse my portfolio, and contact me with any questions: